Cookie Policy

A cookie is something which may be used in the processing of your personal data on any website. A cookie is basically a text file which is stored on your computer by our website.A copy of this file is also sent by your computer to our site ( whenever you visit.

We use cookies to identify you amongst our other visitors and to personalise your experience on our site. It also allows us to store items in your shopping basket. Cookies may also be used to collect the following information during your visit to our website:

  • The date and time you accessed each page on our website
  • The URL of any webpage from which you may have been referred to our site by
  • The web browser you are using to access our site and the pages you chose to access
  • The fully qualified domain name through which you accessed our site
  • Your IP address

We use all this information to help improve our website and to help us understand which of our pages are the most popular and where our shoppers spend the most of their time. In most browsers it is possible to turn cookies off if you do not want to share this information. Your user experience on the website may be effected if you opt to turn off cookies.

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